AthTek SmartServ

AthTek SmartServ 1.0

Easily setup a web testing environment for web app testing or website testing

SmartServ is the smallest and easiest free web testing environment builder. It enables user to setup a local testing server easily with one click. You can just put it into the root directory, run it and then you would be able to load the web applications or websites on browser side. No further configuration is required! The port is changeable to avoid any port conflict problem.

SmartServ is a subprogram of WebXone. When software developers converted C/S software projects to B/S web applications, they can use SmartServ to quick setup a local testing server to test the created web application.

If you are looking for a free tool which can easily setup a local testing server for web application or website testing, SmartServ is exactly what you need. It does not have a complex interface or complicated setup. It runs exactly as an agile testing tool for web application testing or web site testing.

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